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Decisions About The Future

August 27, 2012

After a lot of consideration, I have decided to remove Geometric Magic in the upcoming days.  I realized that it would not mix well with an economy, due to several uncontrollable reasons that are out of my scope.  Hopefully this won’t affect most players due to our low player base and decreased activity with the coming of the new school year.  I have also decided to POSSIBLY remove the MoArrow plugin as well, which in the past allowed Teleportation arrows and TnT arrows.  I feel that the TnT arrows didn’t serve a real purpose and would only bring destruction to player buildings, and that the Teleportation arrows would take away from the Vanilla feel of exploration in which the core of Minecraft promotes.  I am also looking into a few overhaul plugins which fix a number of issues as well as adding new features that won’t break the future economy.  I will be testing for the next day or so, and if all goes well, I’ll implant the new RPG plugin!

Also, as of tonight the PvP Arena will be closed temporarily.  I might open it up once some of the plugin’s bugs are fixed, since they are dangerous and could ruin the economy.


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