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Gustex: Under Construction!

August 27, 2012

After a couple days of inactivity, both me and my brother are back and ready to do more work!  Today we started finalizing the spawn, forming it into a small town/village named Gustex!  It will consist of a town house (the spawn building), 4 building lots which you can rent to build your own PROTECTED house, and a town rec center to hang out at.  We are also looking for a town mayor to run things, since we can’t always stick around the same area.  Your duties will include finding rule breakers, who you will then report to me, repairing damage, managing land and funds, as well as providing fun events and activities for your citizens.  It’s a big job, but you will earn a lot from it.  There, of course, will be a price to run it.  Contact me if you are interested.

Current Progress:

  • 2/4 lots completed
  • Rec Center completed
  • Town House completed
  • Land Repaired and Cleared completed

Also, please note that the mayor of Gustex will ALSO be in charge of helping new players get started, since it is located on the spawn.  You must be a trusted and active player in order to apply.  Again, in order to apply, just contact me through PM or in-game and we’ll get things situated.


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