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Clan Support Added/Increased Difficulty!

August 28, 2012

Today’s main update includes an overall increase of difficulty as well as support for the creation and management of in-game clans, attached with a new clan chat feature.


  • The new difficulty (currently the max for vanilla Minecraft) is named Hard, replacing the old Easy mode.  You can find details on the difficulty levels at
  • New Clan system, group up with fellow players and work together!  Whether its surviving the new difficulty or going into the wilderness to participate in PvP, you can now do it in a group.  The plugin details as well as commands/directions to create a clan can be found at
  • Complete removal of multiworld plugin support until further notice.  This shouldn’t affect anyone.
  • Deleted the PvP Arena and Event worlds, since they aren’t needed.
  • Complete removal of MoArrows plugin support due to reasons stated in an earlier post.
  • “Non-Town” areas are not protected from theft of items and random player-killing.  This new area will be called the wilderness.
  • Finalizing Gustex, the first “town” in ZeraCraft.  Theft of items and player-killing are prohibited in this area.

Also, a possible rule update might be done soon.  Please keep an eye on the Rule page so you aren’t punished due to lack of knowledge.


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