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ZeraCraft Shutdown (Public Map Available)

December 7, 2012

It is time to say goodbye to ZeraCraft.  It was a lot of fun and I hope that the server will some day be back.  Low activity and real life really got in the way, so hopefully another server host will be willing to pick the server up in the future (or I myself next summer).  Until then, you can download the server’s level (not including anything in the nether) as of December 7th, 2012.  In order to play on the level, simply extract the .zip folder to your C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves and play!  Please note that you can either re-create the level, destroying any player-made structures (not recommended) and play survival (or any other game-mode  or simply play the world as is, keeping all of the structures (but only in Creative).  I will ask you to please not use this level for any other server without my permission.  Until then, please feel welcome to join our steam-group Fatal_3rror, home to some of our original players (including me and Atom).  Thank you for the support, hope to play ZeraCraft again some day.

Link to Server Level:



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