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Beta Testing Starts Today

May 1, 2013

Beta testing for ZeraCraft Reborn starts today.  If you would like to participate, please let me know so I can add you to the whitelist.  Also remember that since this is a test, there will be a wipe (deletion of characters, map, and items) after we are done.  I plan for the testing to take a few weeks, and to have the official server up around the end of may, if not much earlier.  I will be asking my OPs whether I should test for a few days and then open the server within a week, or if we need additional time to make sure that everything is balanced out.


To connect to ZeraCraft Reborn:

1. Start minecraft and make sure that your version is 1.5.1, any other version will most likely not work.

2. Select Multiplayer and Add Server

3. For server name, type ZeraCraft Reborn

4. For server address, type

5. Click done and then connect to the newly added server!


Remember that there is a whitelist, so I will need to know your minecraft account name before you can connect.


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