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Maintenance Complete 5/4/13 (10:00 AM to 12:30 PM PST)

May 4, 2013

Server maintenance is now completed but some things may still be unstable concerning town boundaries and permissions/commands.  Please report any issues to me.

What I have added:

  • A new, more flexible permissions system (bPermissions)
  • The Vault economy framework (needed for mcTowns)
  • The WorldEdit plugin for map management (needed for mcTowns and WorldGuard)
  • The WorldGuard plugin for server security (needed for McTowns)
  • The mcTowns plugin for town and region management.  This will allow mayors (who are appointed by me) to select a large area of land which is then used to build their own town.  The towns then have territories that are used to protect the land from griefers, and plots of land for other players to own within these territories.  These towns also serve as safezones for people who do not wish to partake in PvP.  For more information as well as instructions for mayors/players wishing to join a town, please check the link posted.

New Things:

  • Bacon Ranch, a town South of the spawn area that is full of livestock and agriculture.  Located in a mix of arctic, plains, and forest biomes.  Still under construction, owners are Doped_Out and Bmanroc1.

Planned For The Next Update:

  • Revised rules to accommodate the new plugins.
  • Finished setup of Bacon Ranch, as well as more functions for mcTowns.
  • Removal of beds saving your respawn point (if possible)
  • Make it so that your town that you are a member of is your respawn point.
  • Hopefully support for 1.5.2 (depends on when bukkit releases a new stable version as well as plugin support).

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