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Quick Server Update 5/22/13

May 22, 2013

You will notice a significant difficulty increase upon logging on.  I have installed the following plugin(s):

  • Monster Apocalypse, which allows me to edit all aspects of mobs.  I have given all mobs an extreme increase in aggro range.  This means that running around outside during the night WILL get you killed if you don’t have decent armor or are around a town.  This gives the server a more survival feeling, and also increases the need for town citizenship.
  • Although I have already had it installed, I activated MCTowns.  The first official town is Bacon Ranch, and is located right next to the spawn.  Ask me (Awfle_Wafle), or the mayor (Doped_Out) for citizenship.  It is VERY helpful to have the protection of the town’s boundaries during the night.

I have removed the following plugin(s):

  • More Mobs, since it didn’t work so well with Monster Apocalypse.  If I find a fix, I will re-add it at a later date.

The following gameplay changes were made:

  • Creepers no longer blow up blocks, and only do explosion damage (temporarily).  I may have found a fix, but needs more testing.
  • Overall increase in difficulty.
  • Spawn changed to be in a more convenient location.
  • You can now use /town spawn to spawn at your town’s spawn point.

New things:

  • Bacon Ranch is pretty much done, we left some empty land for player plots.
  • The small dungeon “Lavaton” under the Bacon Ranch Library is now almost complete.  Just needs additional monster spawns for farming, but is playable otherwise.
  • The new spell “Fireball”, which can be found in Lavaton.  Causes fire and explosive damage, destroying and burning blocks.
  • Road system started, connects the spawn with Bacon Ranch and a nearby NPC Village found in a small desert biome.

That’s it for now.  Please keep checking the blog for future updates concerning ZeraCraft.


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