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Server Coming Back Up, “3rd Generation”, Along With Server Wipe

August 2, 2013

The community has agreed that it is time for a fresh start, meaning that all items as well as the world will be deleted, and a new world will be generated.  We will also be switching from Bukkit to Forge, allowing me to get us some actual mods instead of simple plugins.  The server will start at vanilla, and will slowly gain features over time.  I will also be taking a look at Mod development, so hopefully I can create something that is fun for everyone.  The server is up at the same IP address, but will require you to download and install the Forge client.  Download the Forge Client Installer and update your Minecraft Client to 1.6.2.  After updating, run the minecraftforge-installer.jar and select Install client for your default .minecraft directory.  This will add a Forge profile for the new Minecraft launcher, and must be selected in order to connect to the server.  You will also need to install the same mods as the server, but at this time we do not have any.  Please bear in mind that I am still trying to set up a new seed for the world, so anything you build or obtain may be deleted after a few days until I finalize things.

Server IP Address:

P.S. There is currently no whitelist, but a player limit of 8.  Feel free to invite some friends, but remember to not grief/cheat.

P.S.S. I forgot to mention, I will be uploading the old server map for those who want to play it in single player soon.


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