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ZeraCraft 3rd Generation Development Update 1

August 4, 2013

Spent the last 2 days re-learning some Java as well as the Eclipse IDE in order to begin creating Mods for ZeraCraft.  As the previous post has stated, we have switched to Forge for our API, in which you will be required to have installed to play on the server.  I will be starting small, and slowly building up through updates to create a more enjoyable server.  After learning the mod development process (and through A LOT of trial and error), I have created a small framework for a small upgrade system I am planning.  I have figured out how to make it so that if a player places an Iron Sword inside a furnace along with coal as fuel, ONE iron ingot is returned (half of the ingot crafting material(s) required to make an Iron Sword).  I will obviously expand this further to support most, if not all, weapons and armor (expect for leather armor/bows and arrows).  I plan on finishing the swords tomorrow, along with a possible beta release for people to test.



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