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Forge No Longer Used, Switched Back To Bukkit! (Along With Server Update!)

August 8, 2013

After listing both the pros and cons between using Forge or Bukkit, I have decided to stop using Forge (for now) and to switch entirely to Bukkit.  This will eliminate any confusion when joining the server since all plugins are server-based.  Be sure not to use the Forge profile to connect to the server.  The server will also have faster development time due to my experience with Bukkit.  I have grabbed 2 plugins and installed them during the server maintenance:

  • PhatLoots – Adds support for custom chest loot, spawning mods with armor and weapons, and drops overall.  I will be creating rare items for monster drops and hard-to-find chests.
  • Lores – Allows me to rename/add descriptions to certain items in order to make them unique.  Might have a custom item be the reward for some events!

Expect to find treasure chests in game soon, as well as new drops from certain mobs!


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