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Public Release and Detailed Skill Guide Coming Soon(ish)!

March 11, 2014

ZeraCraft will be advertised to the public as soon as we finish balancing/adding classes and skills!  Not much will change other than new players joining.  Our population will still remain very small (with a player cap of 8) until we have a working donation system to help pay for servers.  Also, we will continue to use a whitelist in order to keep griefing to a minimum.  Here’s what you can expect in the next few updates:

  • Finished Explorer class, along with a new combat class (up to the players to decide!)
  • General bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Community events (on the weekends, since most people are busy during the week)
  • Additional plugins?
  • A donation system (Buycraft support)*
  • A new flow of players (hopefully!)
  • Possible removal of the Werewolf plugin (or nerfing of the werewolves)

*Please note that although we will be accepting donations in order to afford a better server, we will NOT become a pay-to-win server in any way, shape, or form.  The most that donors will receive is the satisfaction of helping us out along with some quality of life improvements.  The most basic professional server host will require about $7 a month for around 8 player slots.  If we can achieve this goal, we will have a 24/7 uptime as well as more time to actually host events instead of working on the server.

Please remember that although this is a PvP server, you should treat the new players with respect.  I will punish any form of griefing when necessary.


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