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Summer Is Here! Updates With Skills/Classes! (Once Again)

June 21, 2014

So yeah.  School’s out for a few months, giving me time to focus on the server once again.  We swapped back to MagicSpells, THEN back to SkillAPI (, since it allows more….stuff.  I have revamped the deault class, changing it from the Explorer, to the Adventurer! Yeah!

EDIT:  I completely forgot to mention, we use 1.7.9 now, so update your client!

Adventurer: Stats

  • Prefix: ADV
  • Max Level: 10
  • Health Base: 10
  • Health Per Level: 1
  • Mana Base: 5
  • Mana Per Level: 0.5

Adventurer: Skills

  • Leap – Jump higher than normal.  Please note!  Using leap will ALWAYS project you forward from where you are currently facing.  Also, when leveled to 5, using Leap on a flat surface with deal about 1 damage to you due to fall damage.  In order to avoid this, use leap when you will land on a black atleast 1 level higher than your current location (or just leave Leap leveled to 4).  Leap no longer grants damage immunity when used.  Caution!
  • Bandage – Use a piece of paper to bandage yourself.  Currently, there is no way for me to make it so that when the skill is used, 1 paper is removed from the caster’s inventory.  This will be changed ASAP, so enjoy the free heals while it lasts! (It will still require you to have 1 paper in your inventory, though).
  • Power Hit – Strike your opponent, dealing additional damage.  This skill doesn’t require any items to use, making it good to use when you don’t have a sword available.  The range is kinda derpy at the moment, so you have to be VERY close in order to hit a target with it.  I may change this later if it becomes impossible to hit monsters/players with it.
  • Final Skill – To be announced/Coming someday/Still a WIP/ETC.

In other news:

  • Whitelist – Thanks to the new updates with Minecraft, player IDs are handled differently.  This somehow broke the server’s whitelist, so it will be disabled for now.  PM me on this blog/email me if you wish to play, and I’ll give you the server IP.  Getting the whitelist back is top priority!
  • Server Host – As usual, I am hosting the server on my home computer.  Expect crashes/lag/ROLLBACKS/and other horrible things until I get a donation system all set up and stuff.  I take no responsibility for progress lost due to lag/crashes/rollbacks, even though it would be on my end.  This is a non-profit, 100% free server.  Expect it. 🙂
  • Still…Beta….Q.Q – Yes.  We are STILL testing skills/classes, so expect wipes of class progress and levels.  I have enable the ability to re-distribute skill points whenever you want.  This will not be the case after beta.  Enjoy while it lasts!

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