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From Vanilla to Spigot!

October 10, 2015

We have decided to skip the Vanilla chapter, and instead head straight into Spigot, a server plugin platform that has been around for quite some time now.  With the transition, everything from Vanilla should be intact along with some new stability improvements.  In order to keep as close to Vanilla as possible, I’ve only installed a few plugins to improve the quality of life across the server.

  • bPermissions, to set up permissions for commands that will be included with any new plugins.
  • WorldEdit, a prerequisite for the next plugin.
  • WorldGuard, to enable quiet a few protection features to ensure griefing is kept to a minimum.  A notable change is that fire no longer spreads, meaning you shouldn’t be able to burn down plank houses/forests (sorry, Doped_Out).
  • LockedItems, a plugin that players to craft locked chests to store items in for an extra layer of security.  Please note that this doesn’t mean you can steal items out of unlocked chests from other players!  For more information on the commands and usage, check out!

How to user LockedItems

  1. Gather a Chest and 2 Iron Ingots
  2. Open a crafting table, and place the three objects in a pattern like this:
  3. Locked Chest recipe.

    Locked Chest recipe.

  4. When you have the Locked Chest, place it somewhere safe (usually inside your house)
  5. (OPTIONAL) To manage who can access your chest, use commands like /lockeditems permit <player>, /lockeditems unpermit <player>, and /lockeditems viewPermitted.  To view what commands you have access to, use /lockeditems help

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