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ZeraCraft 4th Generation Is Here!

Once again, due to popular demand, ZeraCraft is back with the 4th Generation!  We will be using bukkit along with a map wipe to start fresh.  I will update the entire blog within the coming weeks.  So far, we will have bPermissions, Vault, SkillsAPI, WorldEdit, and WorldGuard as our plugins.  I might include MythicMobs and MythicDrops if I can find some free time to actually create stuff.  Contact me if you want to be whitelisted, we are going to be based on version 1.7.2.


New IP (for Mumble and Minecraft), Back From Vacation

Servers are back up today after going down while I was on vacation.  Something must of went wrong and my IP has changed, meaning that you will need to use the new one ( to connect to any of the servers.  I will hopefully have time to add spells into Minecraft within the next week.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Forge No Longer Used, Switched Back To Bukkit! (Along With Server Update!)

After listing both the pros and cons between using Forge or Bukkit, I have decided to stop using Forge (for now) and to switch entirely to Bukkit.  This will eliminate any confusion when joining the server since all plugins are server-based.  Be sure not to use the Forge profile to connect to the server.  The server will also have faster development time due to my experience with Bukkit.  I have grabbed 2 plugins and installed them during the server maintenance:

  • PhatLoots – Adds support for custom chest loot, spawning mods with armor and weapons, and drops overall.  I will be creating rare items for monster drops and hard-to-find chests.
  • Lores – Allows me to rename/add descriptions to certain items in order to make them unique.  Might have a custom item be the reward for some events!

Expect to find treasure chests in game soon, as well as new drops from certain mobs!

ZeraCraft (Base Mod) Release! Version 0.0.1 [8/7/13]

I have uploaded the first version of the ZeraCraft Base Mod to the server!  Everything is online and ready to play.  Installing the mod is simple if you already have Forge installed.  Simply drag the (DO NOT RENAME OR OPEN/EXTRACT!) into your appdata/Roaming/.minecraft/mods folder and restart Minecraft!  Remember to use the Forge profile to connect.


This version includes the re-smelting feature for all swords and tools (except for shovels) and craftable Horse Armor, both described in the past two Development updates.


Please contact me if you run into any installation problems or find any bugs concerning the mod.

ZeraCraft 3rd Generation Development Update 2 (And Server Hosting!)

I’ve made some progress on the mod since my last update, although its nothing exciting (yet).  I simply added the ability to re-smelt more items as well as a crafting recipe for horse armor.  The items that can be re-smelted for 1 ingot of the items type in return are:

  • Iron, Gold, and Diamond swords.
  • Iron, Gold, and Diamond tools (doesn’t include shovels!)

Simply place the item as well as coal (for fuel) in a furnace.

As stated above, I have also added the ability to craft Horse Armor.  Read more at the Horse Armor Minecraft Wiki page.  You can craft Iron, Gold, and Diamond horse armor.  To craft these items, simply take your desired materials (Iron Ingots, Gold Ingots, or Diamonds) and fill the crafting recipe with:



X     X

which is very similar to the crafting recipe for leggings.

As for updates on the server itself, we have received a $7 donation from a family member to help us get started.  Until we meet the cap of 6-8 players, we will keep the server hosted on our home computer.  This is due to the fact that we do not need a larger server until we have more players.  This will save us money, which will allow faster server speeds in the future (for when we need it).  Until then, the server may crash every so often (but hasn’t in quite some time) and may need to go down every few nights to give our computer a rest.  I plan on making a thread for advertising on the Minecraft forums, as well as adding the server to multiple lists very soon.  There may be a whitelist if we run into problems with griefers, although it is very unlikely.  Please pay any attention to bugs.  If you find one, please report it immediately.  I have also added some rules, so please be sure to check them out.


ZeraCraft 3rd Generation Development Update 1

Spent the last 2 days re-learning some Java as well as the Eclipse IDE in order to begin creating Mods for ZeraCraft.  As the previous post has stated, we have switched to Forge for our API, in which you will be required to have installed to play on the server.  I will be starting small, and slowly building up through updates to create a more enjoyable server.  After learning the mod development process (and through A LOT of trial and error), I have created a small framework for a small upgrade system I am planning.  I have figured out how to make it so that if a player places an Iron Sword inside a furnace along with coal as fuel, ONE iron ingot is returned (half of the ingot crafting material(s) required to make an Iron Sword).  I will obviously expand this further to support most, if not all, weapons and armor (expect for leather armor/bows and arrows).  I plan on finishing the swords tomorrow, along with a possible beta release for people to test.


Server Coming Back Up, “3rd Generation”, Along With Server Wipe

The community has agreed that it is time for a fresh start, meaning that all items as well as the world will be deleted, and a new world will be generated.  We will also be switching from Bukkit to Forge, allowing me to get us some actual mods instead of simple plugins.  The server will start at vanilla, and will slowly gain features over time.  I will also be taking a look at Mod development, so hopefully I can create something that is fun for everyone.  The server is up at the same IP address, but will require you to download and install the Forge client.  Download the Forge Client Installer and update your Minecraft Client to 1.6.2.  After updating, run the minecraftforge-installer.jar and select Install client for your default .minecraft directory.  This will add a Forge profile for the new Minecraft launcher, and must be selected in order to connect to the server.  You will also need to install the same mods as the server, but at this time we do not have any.  Please bear in mind that I am still trying to set up a new seed for the world, so anything you build or obtain may be deleted after a few days until I finalize things.

Server IP Address:

P.S. There is currently no whitelist, but a player limit of 8.  Feel free to invite some friends, but remember to not grief/cheat.

P.S.S. I forgot to mention, I will be uploading the old server map for those who want to play it in single player soon.