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From Vanilla to Spigot!

We have decided to skip the Vanilla chapter, and instead head straight into Spigot, a server plugin platform that has been around for quite some time now.  With the transition, everything from Vanilla should be intact along with some new stability improvements.  In order to keep as close to Vanilla as possible, I’ve only installed a few plugins to improve the quality of life across the server.

  • bPermissions, to set up permissions for commands that will be included with any new plugins.
  • WorldEdit, a prerequisite for the next plugin.
  • WorldGuard, to enable quiet a few protection features to ensure griefing is kept to a minimum.  A notable change is that fire no longer spreads, meaning you shouldn’t be able to burn down plank houses/forests (sorry, Doped_Out).
  • LockedItems, a plugin that players to craft locked chests to store items in for an extra layer of security.  Please note that this doesn’t mean you can steal items out of unlocked chests from other players!  For more information on the commands and usage, check out!

How to user LockedItems

  1. Gather a Chest and 2 Iron Ingots
  2. Open a crafting table, and place the three objects in a pattern like this:
  3. Locked Chest recipe.

    Locked Chest recipe.

  4. When you have the Locked Chest, place it somewhere safe (usually inside your house)
  5. (OPTIONAL) To manage who can access your chest, use commands like /lockeditems permit <player>, /lockeditems unpermit <player>, and /lockeditems viewPermitted.  To view what commands you have access to, use /lockeditems help

Ideas for Events

Community events are a great way to bring a group of people together, whether its fighting in a battle royal or searching for hidden treasure.  I need your help to come up with some event ideas, so I created a poll with a few common ones below.

ZeraCraft is Back! (Origins)

ZeraCraft is brought back online once again!  For this iteration of ZeraCraft, we are running Vanilla Minecraft on version 1.8.8, with a VPS to host the server.  What does this mean?

  • 24/7 Up-time
  • Less lag, more RAM for more players
  • Lower chance of crashes/rollbacks
  • Less chance to encounter bugs, since we are running Vanilla Minecraft
Bacon Farms

Bacon Farms

Why ZeraCraft: Origins? It only seemed natural, seeing as how Vanilla Minecraft was ZeraCraft’s first platform.  This time around, we’ll be starting fresh on a brand new map, focusing on the simple elements of Minecraft before we began to use Bukkit for the server.

Will ZeraCraft: Origins always be based on Vanilla Minecraft?  That depends on what the community wants!  In the coming months, I will began asking the players for suggestions and ideas for the direction of ZeraCraft.  If the players vote to stick with Vanilla, we’ll stick with Vanilla.  Otherwise, we’ll start the search for a new platform.

Screen Shots! (6/22/14)

 Just thought I’d share what was accomplished in the past few days.  Enjoy!


Summer Is Here! Updates With Skills/Classes! (Once Again)

So yeah.  School’s out for a few months, giving me time to focus on the server once again.  We swapped back to MagicSpells, THEN back to SkillAPI (, since it allows more….stuff.  I have revamped the deault class, changing it from the Explorer, to the Adventurer! Yeah!

EDIT:  I completely forgot to mention, we use 1.7.9 now, so update your client!

Adventurer: Stats

  • Prefix: ADV
  • Max Level: 10
  • Health Base: 10
  • Health Per Level: 1
  • Mana Base: 5
  • Mana Per Level: 0.5

Adventurer: Skills

  • Leap – Jump higher than normal.  Please note!  Using leap will ALWAYS project you forward from where you are currently facing.  Also, when leveled to 5, using Leap on a flat surface with deal about 1 damage to you due to fall damage.  In order to avoid this, use leap when you will land on a black atleast 1 level higher than your current location (or just leave Leap leveled to 4).  Leap no longer grants damage immunity when used.  Caution!
  • Bandage – Use a piece of paper to bandage yourself.  Currently, there is no way for me to make it so that when the skill is used, 1 paper is removed from the caster’s inventory.  This will be changed ASAP, so enjoy the free heals while it lasts! (It will still require you to have 1 paper in your inventory, though).
  • Power Hit – Strike your opponent, dealing additional damage.  This skill doesn’t require any items to use, making it good to use when you don’t have a sword available.  The range is kinda derpy at the moment, so you have to be VERY close in order to hit a target with it.  I may change this later if it becomes impossible to hit monsters/players with it.
  • Final Skill – To be announced/Coming someday/Still a WIP/ETC.

Read more…


Public Release and Detailed Skill Guide Coming Soon(ish)!

ZeraCraft will be advertised to the public as soon as we finish balancing/adding classes and skills!  Not much will change other than new players joining.  Our population will still remain very small (with a player cap of 8) until we have a working donation system to help pay for servers.  Also, we will continue to use a whitelist in order to keep griefing to a minimum.  Here’s what you can expect in the next few updates:

  • Finished Explorer class, along with a new combat class (up to the players to decide!)
  • General bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Community events (on the weekends, since most people are busy during the week)
  • Additional plugins?
  • A donation system (Buycraft support)*
  • A new flow of players (hopefully!)
  • Possible removal of the Werewolf plugin (or nerfing of the werewolves)

*Please note that although we will be accepting donations in order to afford a better server, we will NOT become a pay-to-win server in any way, shape, or form.  The most that donors will receive is the satisfaction of helping us out along with some quality of life improvements.  The most basic professional server host will require about $7 a month for around 8 player slots.  If we can achieve this goal, we will have a 24/7 uptime as well as more time to actually host events instead of working on the server.

Please remember that although this is a PvP server, you should treat the new players with respect.  I will punish any form of griefing when necessary.

Downtime and New IP

We have suffered some downtime in the past week due to a possible DDoS attack.  I had to reset the router, so now the server’s new IP is

I plan on finishing the Explorer class in the next few weeks, and will hopefully start on the next class soon after!  Let me know if you have any suggestions.